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Solar Gable Fan

Installing a Solar Powered Gable fan can save hundreds of dollars per year on your electric bill. Installation is relatively easy from out of the box to powering your fan to cool the attic.

The video starts with the fan in the box, just as any owner would need.  First on the list is inspecting and testing the fan.  You will see how easy it powers up!

Next is selecting a place to place the small solar panel and securing it properly.  The panel must be able to reach the fan with the supplied cable, so location is important.  You will need to lay the cable safely and in an opening from the roof inside of your attic.  Watch the video to see how this was done by OK2BeGreen.

You may find some challenges in your project, as we did when we needed to hook up the solar fan in the gable opening of the attic.  Access to the gable opening was blocked by a large piece of plywood.  We had to make an opening and secure the fan safely.  The plywood turned out to be a good thing since we needed a way to secure the device in the attic.  We also had a screen at the gable opening, which worked well to keep out insects and other creatures from the attic.

The video was initially a project for a high school video class but was enhanced and posted as the premier video for Ok2BeGreen.

We hope you enjoy the video and please support up by purchasing the fan from Amazon through our store.  By supporting OK2BeGreen we can bring your more helpful videos and articles.

No political message… we just feel it is OK 2 Be Green!