Composting – Give What You Receive

Garden from CompostingNature beholds wonders that can truly be spectacular as you discover more of it. With Mother Earth, you are always given the opportunity to give what you receive.  As we advance on to an age that is scientific, yet greener, a step you can take to move forward with this fast pacing world is by showing a better care towards nature. One of the surest ways includes recycling. As a gardener, one of the ways you can ensure a profitable way to recycle is through the concept of composting. 

Composting is an inherent and fundamental procedure to help your plants get charged with rich nutrients. Composting is a procedure which ensures yours plants thrive as the humus supplied to them is filled with rich nutrients. It impeccably heightens the quality of your soil, resulting in your plants growing with intense vitality. 

Fresh Compost on the way to the Home GardenComposting offers an array of advantages that can make your garden soil the golden nutrient for your plants.

  • In case of composting, less is always more– As you enrich your soil with more natural products, the structure is enhanced incrementally. A composite filled soil always has more room to allow oxygen to enter and allow the free flow of water and energy as well.
  • The roots of the plants are rich in nutrients– No other way is better than increasing the nutrient content of your soil through natural ingredients which the roots of the plants will happily thrive upon like iron, copper, zinc and others.

Shop Compost BinsFor someone who is new to the concept of composting, one particular method you must be mindful of is the balance of your carbon and nitrogen ratio. To obtain a carbon rich composite, your matter should include sawdust, dried leaves, corn, coffee filters, egg shells, branches and stems. In case of a nitrogen enriched soil, you need to heighten the enzyme production through raw materials like food leftovers, green leaves, manures and others alike. 

Composting can be achieved in multiple methods.

One of the simplest, effective and age old composting procedures include the “no turn” composting. This mechanism includes the idea of successfully attaining a higher nitrogen rich soil but is exclusive of the tiresome fuss of turning the composite into piles. The secret trick includes the through mixture of course materials like straw as you pile up your composite. 

When you cannot always find the right mix, an occasional turn and covering work well, too.  For some yards, space may be at a premium and a compost bin and mixer can work wonders.

Whether growing vegetables or supporting great trees for animals and birds, composting is a natural and vital part of your home garden.  To learn more, check out our Book Store, too! You’ll find a great collection to help get you started today!