Dennis Miller Live

My wife and I went to see Dennis Miller last night courtesy of his S. Florida radio affiliate, WFTL. We had a great time, and Dennis has certainly become more political over time. This is not so bad as I think many of us do once we pass the 40 year mark.

He made an interesting comment that fit OK2BeGreen. He noted when he was young that folks would just toss their garbage out the car window. He felt that our generational contribution to the environment is that we’ve stopped! Woo-hoo for boomers!

C’mon, Dennis, we can do better than that! Try a bit harder. I’m not saying you need to be Ed Begley Jr., but there is more we can do then just NOT toss garbage out the car window. I get that you don’t buy into the Global Warming thing with Al Gore, but we still need to do a lot more to take care of this great planet.

Dennis… please… help us out here… tell the folks… it’s OK 2 Be Green!