Enriching Your Garden with Composting

 Orange Tree with Fresh CompostingAs a gardener, as a lover of nature, as a part of nature yourself one of the most beautiful and important actions you can take is to enrich the quality of nature around you through its medium and through what you receive from it, itself. One of the prime examples in the life of a gardener can be enriching your garden with composting.  The process of enriching the quality of your garden soil, your plants through the natural means of feeding it with rich nutrients of nature itself. Composting, as you may know, is the mixture of decayed vegetable matters, leaves and other elements to improve your soil structure and in turn enhance the health of your plants.

Composting is not only helpful for your plants and your garden, but it naturally helps you save and utilize what otherwise would have been waste. As food and lawn waster make up to 25 percent of landfills, you can considerably help decrease the waste through the means of recycling.

Composting is one of the most basic and primary act of a timeless recycle

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In the process of recycling, you may recycle plastic, glass, paper and many other resources. However, the act of breaking down organic matter and to return it to the soil from where it was born is the basic of all. As someone who is a beginner in this field, you can easily try composting through certain easy and basic methods.

1) Compost your material on the Earth- One of the basic beginner tips include the act of composting, on bare ground itself. This allows worms and organisms to get inside the mix allowing holes to allow oxygen and aerate the mixture.

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2) Separating your composting through labels is an effective method- As you prepare your compost; it is advisable to separate them in labels of “green” and “brown”. The green ones include leaves, fruit and vegetable peels, weeds, fresh manure, coffee and trimmings. While brown includes dry leaves, tea bags, sawdust, paper and cardboard, straw and eggshells.

In the process of composting, maintain the acidic level is highly important. A basic rule includes adding one third of green pile while two thirds of the brown mixture to your compost. Therefore, as you proceed with your composting you will soon find the enhanced growth and yield of your plant life in your garden.

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