Happy TG… part II

Just a quick update to my post yesterday about the Thanksgiving feast for your compost heap.

My wife is getting ready for company and has a lot of grocery shopping to do today. She needed to make room for the turkey, pies and such so she started tossing out a bunch of old food. There was lots of great stuff for the compost that she tossed in the pail for me. I was looking at old peppers and mushrooms, forgotten green beans and half lemons. A squishy tomato and old apple added to the mix. A few more things I’m not quite sure I wanted to identify.

There was so much I had to dump the compost pail today. It was great! I sprinkled the new Thanksgiving snack onto the heap… I think it almost burped with glee.

Happy Thanksgiving and remember… it’s OK 2 Be Green!