We are working our make our home a bit more green. Right now our emphasis is on home disposal. I am not going to pretend to be perfect, but what we to do is eliminate as much waste and garbage as possible.

One of our goals was to eliminate yard waste. I hope our readers are following along with our Green Projects. We have eliminated most yard waste by making our own mulch and much of our food waste by starting a compost pile.

Our next goal is to make sure we are working on recycling and garbage reduction. Waste Management had been enhancing their recycling program. We have now made sure we are not just recycling the typical bottles, cans and newspapers; but we also now recycle common product boxes. We have so much recycling now we had to get a second green barrel.

A few tips on recycling the boxes from home.
 Plan to break down the boxes, or they really take too much barrel space. Most disassemble on the seams pretty easily.

 Pick a big box each week for holding the other boxes. A juice or beer box works great. Once you break down a box of cereal or something, the fold and fit quite nicely. You’ll find that you can get quite a bit stuffed into a box.

 Save your Box Tops for Education! Ok, this is a bit off topic. On the top of a lot of products now you’ll see these little coupons. If you have a school age kid, you should already be saving these. If you don’t, save them and find a kid… Their school will appreciate it.

With the projects so far, we have cut our garbage in half, to an average one barrel per week while now filling two recycle barrels per week. Pretty good for a family of 5!

Remember… no matter what you do… It’s OK 2 Be Green!