Show Us Your Mug!

We love you DaddyI have grown to just hate buying bottled water, and we have STOPPED! That’s it, we are done… no more buying bottled water. 

The waste just makes me nuts.  According to Janet Rausa Fuller of the Chicago Sun Times, water is the second most popular drink to purchase (Water, water – and wasted plastic bottles – everywhere).  Let’s all stop the madness!

We think everyone should get a mug or water bottle and stop buying water.  Same for coffee.  Reuse your mugs and bottles.

Let’s have some fun!  So, we are encouraging everyone to send us a picture of your favorite mug.  Maybe it was for a promotion of something you love.  Maybe a gift, or maybe something custom.  My favorite is a Father’s Day mug from my daughters. 

So… use the e-mail below and show us your mug!  And remember, it’s always OK 2 Be Green!