Solar Electronics for Greener Tomorrow

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In the age of the industrial world we are very well versed with the phrase “fossil fuels are disappearing”. It means that the natural supplies of the earth, namely coal and petroleum, are getting exhausted faster than we anticipated. This shortage has resulted in an exponential increase in the price of fossil fuels. The rich are not affected by this as they have the means to pay for it. But they constitute less than 10% of the world population. The other 90% have to find an alternate solution. The answer to our problems is renewable energy in the form of solar electronics we can use in our everyday lives. It will not only put a hefty price check on the use of fossil fuels but also reduce pollution and provide the path for a greener tomorrow.

Solar energy is one such renewable source of energy that humans have learned to utilize for their own good. As we know, the sun is the only source of perpetual energy for all living things on earth. It is the reason for our existence and in the last sixty years it has also been referred to as the key to the future. Solar energy can be harnessed and processed to convert it into a usable form of energy. 

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Solar electronics is the newest trend in the world of energy sciences because of the variety of uses and its renewability. Solar electronics is one such sector which deals in solar energy products for electrical purposes. It basically traps solar energy in solar cells. These solar cells are bundled together to create solar panels which can store the energy and convert it into electrical power.

Some of the common solar electronics we use are:

  • Solar charger: It is a device that employs solar energy to charge batteries and other equipment.
  • Solar furnace: It in the shape of a gigantic furnace like structure that produces heat of high concentrations, as high as 3500℃ to power industries and factories
  • Solar lamp: It uses solar energy to produce light using diodes that trap photons and emit energy in the form of light
  • Solar panels: (Specifically for space crafts): This is one of the most important uses of solar electronics. It uses special panels to trap weak solar energy and store in high capacitor batteries to power the space station and all its appliances and machines.