Compost Setup

Compost Pile with FenceOur first order of business with a compost heap is to get it set up.  We have a pretty good size yard, so we can pretty much do what we want.  We looked at some compost products, including compost bins that you can find on-line.  There is nothing wrong with the products, and they look pretty good.  We just prefer to see what we could make ourselves.

We went to our local hardware superstore and saw some lattice fencing that looked good.  We purchased a piece that was 10 feet long and two feet high.  The folks there were happy to cut it for us, so we had 2, 2 foot sections cut off.  This gave us a nice six foot front and two side sections.  We also bought a few wood stakes to hold it in place.  The total cost was around $20, so we were happy to save some green.

We happen to have some trees near a wall about seven feet apart.  With the six foot front and side pieces, it fit perfectly.  Take a look of what we built… it even blends well between the two trees.

Next we’ll add some materials.  I tell ya… it really is OK2BeGreen!