mulch03Now we were done with the mulching. We left the stacks for the following week (no sense in killing ourselves since we had already spent a day trimming and mulching). As our next project, we cleared the grass around our trees and laid out the mulch. You know, it looked pretty darn good!

A couple of additional notes for those that want try this them selves. Keep the leafy items separate, they will work for a compost project and don’t look as nice around the trees. Save the big branches too… we’ll find the right project for them as well.

Be patient. Don’t rush the cut as it is just harder on the mulcher and doesn’t save time. Be careful, and be safe. We had gloves and goggles, and you should too. If you don’t have the safety projection, buy it; it really is not that much. Yes you can buy gloves and goggles from our store.

Finally… have fun, we sure did. You’ll take great pride in doing just one little thing for the environment that actually helps make your property look better.

Remember… it’s OK 2 Be Green!