So many sites and organizations are pushing “green”, gotta do this and should do that. Well, as a family of five living in South Florida, we are going to take the bait. We are going to attempt within our means, to “go green”. No judgments, just seeing what we can do and try to do easily.

I think we fall into the demographics of a typically nuclear family. We are a father, mother and three daughters ranging in ages from 10 to 18. We do the normal routine of recycling our bottles, cans and newspapers. We try to save water and turn the lights off, but we know we can do better. There are probably a zillion ways in which we could do better in the environment, and this site is dedicated to that quest.

We are simply one family, and we believe we have the responsibility to care for and manage the limited resources of this planet for the better of all.

While we want to avoid being political, we will promote causes that help our environment and the wondrous array of creates on our great planet. We’ll avoid any thesis on the arguments of Global Warming.

We’ve done some great Green Projects and our random thoughts in the Blog.  We certainly appreciate your support in our Shop for “green” products shipped though Amazon.

Feel free to send us an e-mail with comments or suggestions.  And remember … No matter what you’re doing… it’s OK 2 Be Green!