FL vs CA

We make our home in S. Florida, and we have been working hard to make our lives a bit more green.  For the Christmas holiday, we traveled to California to visit family.  I grew up in California and certainly remember how advanced they are in respect to the environment.  Sure, California is the “Tree Hugger” State, but maybe that’s not so bad.

One area where I was impressed was in the area of composting.  In Florida, it is almost unheard of to have a compost heap.  In California, they are everywhere.  We spent our time in the Bay Area, and different places do different things. 

In Contra Costa, my sister’s family saves their compost and places in in a special barrel for the city to process.  In Marin County, home of Cousin Ray, they save the compost and have a compost barrel.  Ray has quite an elaborate garden, and he uses the compost for his own needs.  His barrel is pretty big, but he is out of space.  I mentioned my composting project and he may give it a try. 

It’s nice traveling around and looking how different folks care for the environment.

Remember… no matter what you do… It’s OK2BeGreen!