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About OK2BeGreen

So many sites and organizations are pushing “green”, gotta do this and should do that. Well, as a family of six living in South Florida, we are going to take the bait. We are going to attempt within our means, to “go green”. No judgments, just seeing what we can do and try to do easily.

I think we fall into the demographics of a typically nuclear family. We are a father, mother, grandmother and three daughters ranging in ages from 15 to 23. We do the normal routine of recycling our bottles, cans and newspapers. We try to save water and turn the lights off, but we know we can do better. There are probably a zillion ways in which we could do better in the environment, and this site is dedicated to that quest.

We are simply one family, and we believe we have the responsibility to care for and manage the limited resources of this planet for the better of all.

While we want to avoid being political, we will promote causes that help our environment and the wondrous array of creates on our great planet. We’ll avoid any thesis on the arguments of Global Warming.

We’ve done some great Green Projects and our random thoughts in the Blog.  We certainly appreciate your support in our Shop for “green” products shipped though Amazon.

Feel free to send us an e-mail with comments or suggestions.  And remember … No matter what you’re doing… it’s OK 2 Be Green!

Meet all of us here at Ok2BeGreen….Well both of us.

My name is Perry Patterson. I started this site when I gained a passion for green living. However this can be challenging in a house of 6 people. Sometimes being cost effective is not very green. In the interest of trying to go green and still remain cost effective I have found some success. I enjoy knowing that although difficult at times I have found my own ways to save the planet. I have built and use my own compost which I use in my family’s garden. At times we will grow some of the vegetables that we eat, but this rarely produces enough so we supplement our garden with places like Whole Foods Market and farmer’s markets. I have also installed devices in our home such as the solar gable fan. This is something that I have recorded so that you too can learn how to do it. I believe that we should all take care of the planet in whatever way we can. This is our only home. I want to help others and show them how I have been able to go green. It’s ok to be green.


My name is Rachel Patterson. I have recently become involved with my father’s website, but have always had an interest in green living. I share in his belief that we should all do what we can to take care of our planet. I am a writer. I contribute to the articles and posts that appear on the site. When I see something in the green community that interests me I am compelled to share it with others who share that passion. That is what has led me to write some of the things you will see on this page. It is easier to go green alone than with a group such as a family, but it is not impossible and if we can do it then so can you. It’s ok to be green.