Fresh Local Food…Agriculture….. Delicious…… Agrilicious!

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This site is the newest thing in going green. Today when we go green we don’t just mean recycling, we also want to eat green. We want to eat foods; meats, fruits and vegetables that were grown organically. Doesn’t that sound silly, organic? Shouldn’t all fresh foods be classified as organic? Sadly that is not the case. Today chemicals and pesticides bring our food further and further away from its natural organic state. That is why we now have stores like Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and farmers markets early on the weekends, so that we can find true organic food.Ad2

Now there is a new website that can help you take this goal further. Agrilicious is a site set up similarly to social media. Its members set up a profile to find or sell organic food directly from local farmers. A member can search for a particular food or perhaps just find a local area where they can search on their own and interact with the farmers and sellers.

Creating a profile is easy and I invite you to visit this site and go the next step to becoming green. When you create your profile you choose whether you want to be register as a family or as an “Agripreneurs”, a seller. However for the purpose of this blog, let us say you are registering an individual family. A basic account only asks for a name, email, and password. From there you choose whether you want a basic, cultivator, or locavore account. The basic gives you free access to browse through local providers, connect with farmers, ask questions in “Answerville”, and read blogs and recipes on the site.

For many this is enough, this allows them to find and access fresh organic food. However for some going green is more than a life style choice, it is a passion and for that they can purchase higher level accounts. The cultivator gets discounts on the site, access to screenings and events. The locavore gets a special reusable bag, notoriety on the supporters’ page, VIP access to screenings and events, and even more discounts. So when you decide to go green what will you decide to be? Basic? Cultivator? Locavore? Either way it’s Ok2BeGreen!

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