Hydroponics for Growing Dream Plants

Indoor Gardening & HydroponicsOne of the most modern and expanding methods of gardening today is a soil-less method called Hydroponics. Unlike the traditional and age old methodology of dirt and soil gardening, this procedure uses a different approach where the usage of soil is completely erased. Plants traditionally get their nutrients and water from the soil medium rather than the soil itself.  As a result, hydroponics uses the concept of supplying the roots of the plants with a direct nutrient solution and helps to enrich the plants with energy to grow herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers. 

The procedure of hydroponics is fruitful to you in more than one way as you have the sole control of directing what nutrients your plant receives as well as choosing to grow your plants in a pollution free ambiance. You also acquire the prospect of growing more plants in a limited space which is another benefit. As for your plants, they can grow 30 to 50 percent more than with the traditional methods. 

Learning the Different methods of Hydroponic System 

As someone who is particularly familiar with the concept of hydroponics, you may think of a way where the roots of a plant are directly suspended in the water. However, that is one of the many ways of hydroponic gardening systems. 

  • Hyrdoponics Nutrient Film TechniqueN.F.T System– The N.F.T system which is short for “Nutrient Film Technique” is the most common of all soil less gardening methods. It incorporates the method of a constant supply for a growth nutrient supply to the plants. As the roots are constantly receiving nutrients directly, a better yield of growth is assured. A reservoir tank accommodates the solution. This method does not entertain the requirement of water supply as such but the electricity balance needs to be maintained.


  • Hydroponics Deep Water CultureThe Hydroponic Deep Water Culture– This method is built on the view point of a simple yet active system. Quite commonly seen in homes, this procedure requires the roots of the plants to be entirely immersed in water. The water is mixed with a Growth Technology nutrient and the solution is rich in oxygen. A constant and ample supply of oxygen is ensured through the attachment of an air pump. 


The procedure of hydroponic gardening is an exciting but simple form of gardening. You only require maintaining a proper balance of the solution and the medium with which your plant is getting enriched. As the markets of hydroponics increase and flourish, you are guaranteed to find resources and guidance related to it. 

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