Enriching Your Garden with Composting

As a gardener, as a lover of nature, as a part of nature yourself one of the most beautiful and important actions you can take is to enrich the quality of nature around you through its medium and through what you receive from it, itself. One of the prime examples […]

Solar Electronics For Smart Power

Solar energy is a limitless source of energy which comes from the sun. The radiant heat and light which is absorbed from the sun’s rays, when captured by a receiver, can be a smart source of free power. This source of energy is free and easily accessible which is why […]

Garden from Composting

Composting – Give What You Receive

Nature beholds wonders that can truly be spectacular as you discover more of it. With Mother Earth, you are always given the opportunity to give what you receive.  As we advance on to an age that is scientific, yet greener, a step you can take to move forward with this […]

Get Equipped for Backyard Birding

Nature is glorious! All living beings gave their own characteristics and traits that make them unique and beautiful. Nature is abundant and every living specie has innumerable classifications, types and categories that in all it’s vast and beyond imagination! Birds for example is a common term that encompasses a large […]

Clear Window Feeder

Florida House Leadership Blocking Special Session

See incoming House Speaker Dean Cannon on YouTube, explaining his party’s position that there is no need  for  a special session – click here Hear Speaker Cannon in a radio interview last month, just days before the oil spill – click here Crist needs to line up votes for drilling […]

Sea Otters Emergency Help!

You may have read today that newly released survey data shows once again the California sea otter population is declining. The fact is, California’s sea otters are dying, and scientists need help to pinpoint the causes before it’s too late. A bill now before Congress, the Southern Sea Otter Recovery […]

Happy Earth Day!

I can’t believe it is already Earth Day. We are working on a lot or projects behind the scenes right now and we’ll have some pretty cool announcements.  Right now we are working on testing and installation of a Solar Powered Gable Fan. I can’t wait to share the details. […]